Let There Be Light

There are times when my soul is aesthetically nourished.  When everything–to me–is in perfect harmony.   I instantly apprehend it deep inside, intensely appreciate it, and am inspired.  You can say a light bulb goes off inside or you have an Aha! moment.  The moment I saw each of these photos in the Il Vetro dei Dogi catalog is such an experience.

A quote from one of my favorite books The Elegance of the Hedgehog by Muriel Barbery further explains:  “The timeless nature of the consonant form: Allows us to feel the power of objects and of the way they interact, to hold our gaze the way they work together and the magnetic fields that attract and repel them, the ineffable ties that bind them and engender a force, a secret and inexplicable wave born of both the tension and the balance of the configuration.”

Images from Il Vetro dei Dogi


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